Client: United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET)

United Nations Postal Administration

Timor-Leste Transitional Government


Project: Timor-Leste Independence Day Commemorative Stamp Set & Dedication Medal

Languages: English, French, German and Portuguese


In August 1999, hundreds of thousands of East Timorese voted overwhelmingly to end two-and-a-half decades of Indonesian rule. The price they paid to exercise their choice was high. Anti-independence militias went on a rampage of violence and destruction. With the assistance of the United Nations, the East Timorese embarked on a remarkable journey to nationhood.


On 20 May 2002, the Repulica Democratica de Timor-Leste took its place in the world as a free and independent nation. In commemoration of this historic event the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) requested the design of a set of six commemorative stamps with the theme “East Timor - Independence”. The sets were sold at UNHQ in New York, Geneva and Vienna.


The stamp design incorporates local artifacts that are significant and symbolic to this new nation.

Published in: United Nations Postal Department Annual Collection Folder 2002 and Linn’s Stamp News, June 3, 2002 

In honor of the heroic men and women who lost their lives for the cause of liberty and human dignity the Transitional Government of Timor-Leste requested the design of a commemorative medal in dedication of these heroes.


The medal incorporates the Timor flag and two traditional crossed swords (Suriks) a significant symbol used on their coat of arms. The medals were produced in gold and silver as numbered limited editions.


“We would like to express our gratitude for everything you have done to make this United Nations stamp issue one of which we can all be proud of.”

- Anthony Fouracre, Chief

  United Nations Postal Administration

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