Client: United Nations Development Programme

Support to the Timorese Electoral Cycle (UNEST)

Project: Timor-Leste Parliament Election 2012

Voter and Civic Education materials



Products: Billboards, banners, posters, stickers, brochures, training manuals, electoral staff t-shirts and vests

Language: Tetum


In every election voter and civic education are key factors to ensure that all voters understand their rights and responsibilities, the electoral system, how and where to vote. For an election to be successful and democratic, voters need to be sufficiently informed in order to cast ballots that are valid and to participate meaningfully in the voting process.


In support of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) and the National Electoral Commission (CNE), a cohesive branding was created and applied to all electoral materials. Messages were developed; voter and civic education materials were designed and produced in a timely manner. The goal was to create interest, inform, educate and communicate messages through effective voter education campaigns.

In addition to the general messages, the campaign targeted two audiences, women and youth. Many women remain uneducated about their rights and responsibilities in the electoral process. Women were targeted in coordination with UNWomen, encouraging them to vote and participate in the electoral process. A large percentage of young people feel their vote does not matter. In response, coordinating with UNICEF a youth campaign was created encouraging young people, particularly first time voters to register. Emphasizing voting is their responsibility and vital to their future.

Design team: Karen Kelleher Carneiro, Ruth Ferrony Varela Grilo

Photographs: Karen Kelleher Carneiro, Ruth Ferrony Varela Grilo 

“In addition to her strong work ethic and excellent design skills, Karen is always willing to assist with tasks outside her terms of reference. A recent example was her work with UNWomen and UNICEF in the design of targeted electoral campaigns. Karen always wanting to ensure cohesiveness and quality of all electoral materials was happy to offer her assistance.”


- Andres del Castillo, Chief Technical Advisor/Head of UNEST

  United Nations Electoral Support Team, Timor-Leste

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