Client: Comissão National de Eleições (CNE), Timor-Leste


Project: Presidential and Parliamentary Elections 

CNE Unity Peace Pact Campaign 2012


Products: Banners and posters


Language: Tetum


Prior to the Presidential and Parliamentary election in 2012 CNE held a ceremony to sign in the official National Pact for Peaceful Elections. The Peaceful Elections campaign was part of a CNE broad conflict prevention strategy and was supported by the UN, through UNMIT and UNDP.

The aim of the strategy was to promote open dialogue, generate legitimacy by including all key actors (government officials and traditional leaders), reflect the will of the people, promote democratic values and encourage tolerance. The outcome of the pact led to peaceful Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Timor-Leste.


The poster and banner designs reflect and support CNE’s initiative through images of working together in peace. The campaign was used for the ceremony and posted throughout Timor-Leste’s districts.

Design team: Karen Kelleher Carneiro, Ruth Ferrony Varela Grilo

Photography: Karen Kelleher Carneiro, Martine Perret, 

Ruth Ferrony Varela Grilo


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