Client: UNDP Support to the Timorese Electoral Cycle (UNEST), Timor-Leste


Project: Women’s Participation publication

Community Leader Elections (Suco) 2009

Languages: Tetum and English

Pages: 32 

Timor-Leste has a strong community power structure and decision-making process; with almost no participation from women. Traditionally, men have dominated the political, ritual and conflict mediation in communities.


To fast-track women participation in decision- making, the National Parliament and the Government adopted affirmative action policies in the 2009 community elections through the special reservation of seats for women. This resulted in a large number of women being elected into village councils.

This publication draws attention to women’s participation in the 2009 electoral process and encourages them to participate in future decision-making activities. It includes charts and tables for comparison purposes showing the ratio of male/female participation in various electoral arenas.

Publication Photographs: Karen Kelleher Carneiro,

Martine Perret, Valerie Sticher

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