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Tropical Jewelry Box
Tropical Jewelry Box - top
Tropical Jewelry Box - side
Tropical Jewelry Box - interior
Tropical Jewelry Box - in setting

Tropical Jewelry Box — $150.00


This unique Tropical box is handcrafted and signed by Karen Kelleher Carneiro. A perfect home for jewelry, keepsakes or as a beautiful gift. Inspired by nature and colors, it is a one of a kind functional piece of art.


The wooden box has been enhanced with copper leaf and patinas in reds, greens and browns protected with a glossy resin finish.


The brightly colored palm leaves on this decorative lid are layered with encaustic wax. Recycled wood parrots have been embedded into the resin. Adorned with a close-up photo of a hibiscus, glass chips and rhinestones. The lid is hinged in the back with a front latch. The bottom is felt lined with painted wooden legs. The sides are adorned with brightly colored dried leaves, glass chips with a golden yellow satin trim around the top edge.


The interior is painted a metallic copper and varnished. The padded bottom is lined with a bright blue taffeta. The interior lid has a mirror decorated with a golden yellow braided trim.


Approximate dimensions:

22.5cm/9” length x 12.5cm/5” width x 9.5cm/3.75” height

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