India Jewelry Box — $95.00


This unique India box is handcrafted and signed by Karen Kelleher Carneiro. A perfect home for jewelry, keepsakes or as a beautiful gift. Inspired by Indian spirituality, it is a one of a kind functional piece of art.


The wooden box has been enhanced with copper leaf and patinas in reds and browns. Protected with a glossy resin finish, easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


The decorative lid has a photograph of “Bodhisattva Padmapani” (Enlightened being) from the caves in Northern India. Adorned with python snakeskin, chainmail, beads, rhinestones, recycled jewelry and cornelian stones. Black rhinestones with an occasional red one trim the top edge. The sides are painted with lace designs in metallic bronze and adorned with rhinestone designs. The lid is hinged in the back with a front latch. The bottom is felt lined with crystal legs.


The interior is painted a copper and varnished. The padded bottom is lined with red taffeta. The interior lid is lined with handmade Nepalese paper and trimmed with rhinestones.


Approximate dimensions:

12cm/4.75” length x 12cm/4.75” width x 6cm/2.5” height

© 2018 KelleherDesign

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