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Amazon Jewelry Box
Amazon Jewelry Box - top
Amazon Jewelry Box - side
Amazon Jewelry Box - interior
Amazon Jewelry Box - in setting

Amazon Jewelry Box — $120.00

“Ancient gods”


This unique Amazon box is handcrafted and signed by Karen Kelleher Carneiro. A perfect home for jewelry, keepsakes or as a beautiful gift. Inspired by nature, it is a one of a kind functional piece of art.


The wooden box has been enhanced with gold leaf and patinas in greens and browns protected with a glossy resin finish.


The dried leaves and pods on this decorative lid are layered with encaustic wax and gold leaf. Volcanic pumice beads and carvings from the Amazon have been embedded into the resin, along with perched clay birds from Columbia. The lid is hinged in the back with a front latch. The bottom is felt lined with marbleized beads for legs. The sides are adorned with dried leaves.


The interior is painted a metallic espresso and varnished. The padded bottom is lined with cinnamon colored ultra suede. The interior lid has a mirror decorated with metallic reddish/brown braided mesh trim and a clay bird.


Approximate dimensions:

13cm /5” length x 13cm/5” width x 7.5cm/3” height

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