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African Safari Jewelry Box
African Safari Jewelry Box – Top
African Safari Jewelry Box – Side
African Safari Jewelry Box –Interior
African Safari Jewelry Box

African Safari Jewelry Box — $140.00

"Into the wild"


This unique African styled box is handcrafted and signed by Karen Kelleher Carneiro. A perfect home for jewelry, keepsakes or as a beautiful gift. Inspired by Africa and nature, it is a one of a kind functional piece of art. 

The wooden box has been painted black and metallic gold protected with a gloss varnish.

The decorative lid is covered in a tiger patterned fur-like fabric. Photos taken in Kenya of a cheetah, zebra and tiger adorn the lid framed with bone, horn and carnelian beads. Driftwood, seed beads, nuts and wood pieces adorn the lid and sides with a seed trim wrapping around the top. The lid is hinged in the back with a front latch. The bottom is felt lined with painted wooden legs. 

The interior is painted metallic bronze and varnished. The padded bottom is lined with a fur-like zebra print, complimenting the box lid. The interior lid is lined with the zebra print and a mirror decorated with beaded chain trim.

Approximate dimensions:
18.5cm/7.25” length x 18.5cm/7.25” width x 8cm/3.25” height


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