Client: UNDP Support to the Timorese Electoral Cycle (UNEST)


Project: Timor-Leste Community Leaders Elections (Suco) 2009 Branding

Products: Banners, posters, flyers, stickers, training manuals, flip charts

Language: Tetum

A cohesive branding image, along with the ballot icon was designed and applied to all electoral materials for a unified campaign and easy recognition. The design incorporates traditional Timorese patterns, photographs and tagline.

Campaign photographs: Karen Kelleher Carneiro,

Toby Gibson, Martine Perret

“Looking at the importance of the voter and civic education campaigns for an electoral process, President Horta praised specifically the professionalism and clarity of the design of the materials and recommended the UN to continue the same positive trend for future elections.”


- UNEST Management Team

  United Nations Electoral Support Team

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